JONES CINEMA ARTS is a feature documentary production company engaged in the creation of meaningful, artfully rendered, culturally relevant films focused around the further reaches and paranormal powers of human consciousness. Our first two films are based on books by Jeffrey J. Kripal. SUPERNATURE: ESALEN AND THE HUMAN POTENTIAL is based on Jeff's definitive history of the Esalen Institute, Esalen: American and the Religion of No Religion. AUTHORS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE is based on Jeff's book, Authors of the Impossible: The Paranormal and the Sacred, a history and theory of the paranormal and psychical research. Jeff is working with us as a writer and producer on these films. As in his books, much of our films' intellectual and poetic power will come from the use of a rigorous comparative perspective that draws upon numerous disciplines in both the humanities and sciences. We have a full slate of films planned on this subject matter.

SCOTT H. JONES is a filmmaker with a wide range of skills honed over thirty years of storytelling. He excels at finding the emotional core of any given story and infusing his films with a poetic spirit, thus creating authentic, memorable and meaningful experiences for audiences. His short documentary, This is Sam, won Best Documentary in the Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival and the Audience Choice Award at the Houston Halloween Film Festival.

Scott is currently working as a contract filmmaker with Houston Methodist where he is documenting patient stories and creating fund-raising films for the hospital. He recently spearheaded a documentary series called Inside Leading Medicine, profiling the many remarkable physicians and staff at Houston Methodist.

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